Hobbyking's X8

Hello X8ers,

I've been mostly focusing on Quads with a slight itch to try out an actual drone.  This is where the X8 would come in.  

I noticed HobbyKing has an X8 in stock and was wondering if anyone has ordered it?  Is it the real X8? or a perfect clone? or a bad clone?

Thanks for your time,


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  • Hope this wont hijack your thread, but ...

    I own the following

    -a couple of quads

    -a Hexa

    -a Skywalker


    Trust me when I tell you:  the X8 wing is only a good plane in CERTAIN applications. It will be impractical for 90% of "common" users.

    - Multicopters are great for taking "still" photos with small cameras. they can be used in urban areas where you go up, take your pic and come down again. Wind is an issue, duration is an issue, weight is an issue.

    - The X8 is better suited to duration and distance tasks like patrolling a farm or long range FPV , it can carry a large payload..You need a HUGE area to land them, and they are fast, very fast. Difficult to Launch (not too much . but still) A little more difficult to fly (DO NOT STALL!)

    - the Skywalker 1900 is the best  for GoPro type footage, easy to take off and land, easy to fly. Less payload capability, but still plenty. GREAT for FPV.

     See THIS VIDEO and you will understand.

    Hope this helps.


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