X8 crashed... will it ever fly again???

Hi everyone!!! as the title says, i just crashed my x8 and i was wondering if it can be fixed and be ready for another fly.

Im posting pictures to show you how it went :S and im asking you for help, if anyone has been in my position and tried to fix it would be really helpfull for me if you could share some tips. 

One important issue is that the right wing almost completely splits in two but im hoping that it has a solution for that






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    • hi Lockhart!

      Yep, it was a big crash! the bottom cover that comes with the wing fell off while in flight  im currently trying to find a way to keep it in place.

      What do you recommend for applying heat? i was thinking of a heat gun or steam as Gary Mortimer says.

      You´re right, the wing is the thing that im worried the most. i will try to re-enforce it using maybe the carbon fiber braces i hope that works.

      Thanks again Lockhart


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