• Any pictures  ?

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      Sorry Chris no, we abandoned the X8 in favour of a conventional airframe with flaps. There is some onboard video taken with a keychain cam which see if I dig out.

      The box was about 250mm long and the width of the X8's top cover, it rested on the spars and was about the depth from the spar to the cover. Very simple with screws from the side being the hinges for the tray. The lid flapped backwards on velcro, the tray as mentioned was spring loaded and folding forward with the drogue chute placed on top.

      When the lid was released the pressure of the main chute and the spring forced the lid open which flicked backwards with the airflow, the tray flipped forward lifting the folded drogue into the airflow and out over the prop. It then pulled the main chute out clear of the prop.

      We used some slightly older chutes from

    • Yeah we have a couple of bigger fruity chutes we our going try, this was servo released for hatch ?

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    We laser cut a light ply box with a spring loaded tray for the drogue chute throwing it out the top, thereby clearing the prop and pulling the main chute out also through the top. Worked really, really well. The 5kg chute worked better than the 3kg one and was attached to the spar through holes in the ply box. A single 9g servo released the hinged top lid with the drogue chute directly underneath on the hinged spring loaded tray (hinged on the opposite end to the lid).

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