X8 take-off using catapult

Hi Guys,

Does someone have experience and good results launching X8 with a catapult in Auto take-off mode? I would like to have your feedback and what are your parameters / values used for that aim.

Regards AA

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  • Yep, haven't hand launched it now for some time... rail on catapult is 3 meters. acceleration trigger for auto start is 5ms and 0.5 sec delay which means I am getting full throttle just as it comes of the launcher. Catapult rail is inclined up at about 12 degrees and I set the launch climb parameter to 15 degrees which gives me just a little bit of up trim when it sits there ready to go. I can send through some video later this week if you like..

    To power the catapult I am using 4 lengths of the blue bungee from hobbyking.  You can just get enough for the four lengths for the launcher from one packet from hobby king, but they are so cheap just do yourself a favour and get a spare pack while you are there! .

    No wind it miss's the ground by about a foot,... A slightly higher angle would fix the issue, but it has not been a problem for me..!



    • Hi,Steve,

           Can you upload your configuration file or tlog file?Thanks.

  • Hi Antonio,

    As soon as possible (october), I will try to launch my X8 with a catapult in auto take off. I 'll keep you informed of progress.



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