Casper, WY

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Old, tired, coder... machine code on Univac 1219, machine code on 8008, 8080, z80, etc. cp/m, dos, msdos, windows, automated testing, time to retire...

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Looking for a method to perform aerial viewing of large tracts of land


Bar Nunn, Wyoming

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Al Dynarski replied to Sonay Dalal's discussion Looking for a solar powered drone that can fly away 100s of miles at 50miles/hour+ speed
"Sure you are..."
Aug 14, 2014
Al Dynarski replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.1 released!
"Sorry if this has been answered previously.  I have been searching for a list of flight modes (Stabalize, Loter, etc.) and their PWM values.  Is there a table somewhere?
Jan 12, 2014
Al Dynarski posted a discussion
I brought this over from the Simulation Forum with the hope of a response. I'm trying to get AeroSim-RC to work with the APMv2.5 following Jean-Louis instructions located at http://code.google.com/p/ardupilotdev/wiki/HILTestAeroSIM.  It works, but I…
Mar 4, 2013