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Alessandro Zupo posted a discussion
Hi everybody,i Started to decoding the osd packet in output from the FreeX Skyview quadcopter.Someone know the possible decoding of gps coordinate??The complete packet are 25 bytes , the first and the laast one are every packet the same.This is is…
Mar 7, 2015
Alessandro Zupo posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hi Everybody,In my quad do it from myself with pic32mx architechture write in MikroC, my frequency loop of read from sensor and pid calculated is 200hz.I do a mobile average(array of 5) of pid  result for have a smooth output power. Do you think is…
Oct 26, 2013
Alessandro Zupo replied to Eric's discussion Quadcopter SOS
i'm doing a quadcopter from myself too....
I use firedragon ESC 30A NOT reflashed with simonK firwmare...so at 50Hz.
You think is foundamental important to use 400Hz esc??
Thaht is my first video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEQHbEWJM4k

Now i…"
Sep 20, 2013