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Pulsar 3.0 and APM 2.6 for FPV soaring


I got this amazing glider from
My main goal was to use this glider for  soaring using FPV .
On board I use APM 2.6 During the flight I use 3 modes
Manual - Fly by Wire -B  - RTH.
Soaring abilites of Glider Pulsar is excellent !!
Radio: Futaba Mz 14   72 Mhz ( for long distance control )
Video equipment  5,8Ghz Tx 400ma
Please take a look video



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Futaba T14 Mz Mode configuration for all 6 modes


Here a quick guide how to set up your Futaba T14
I use 2 switches
  1st switch “SE” – 2 position switch
  2nd  switch “SB” 3 position switch

Switch “SE” – Master    Switch “SB” -  Slave

How it works:

 Switch “SE”    “UP”   position   switch “SB”  select modes 1,3,5

 Switch “SE”    “Down”   position   switch “SB” select modes 2,4,6

 Step 1 .To get the right min/max PWM output we first need to set the Endpoint of channel 5, in my case name of channel 5 is “ Aux 1”

Linkage menu > EndPoint (ATV) > ch5   Aux 1  Travel value 65% and 72% as showed photo
Step 2. Model menu >Prog. Mixes > select 1st mixing
Set Master “SW-E”  and Slave Aux 1  , Value “Offset by X and Y  +25%
To get "Logic " window:
Click second "On"  ( after green "on" )
What's all, enjoy.. 
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