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Mechanical Engineer

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Lots of model airplane experience. Own about 35 of them. Never had one that could stabilize itself or fly a directed path.


Rockton IL

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Alex Witte posted a discussion
Hello,I am looking through the .ino files for the Arduplane trying to find the code for the stabilization of the airplane. I am wondering if there is some sort of differential equations within the code that is solved for.I hope that they  have those…
Apr 22, 2015
Alex Witte replied to Mark Aylward's discussion Mavlink not connecting, "No Heartbeat Packet Received" error.
"Bringing up an old thread. 
I am having a similar issue and I was wondering what you did for GPS since you said disconnecting it was the solution?
Do you not need GPS?

My project isnt exactly the same but for my airplane I wish to have it follow…"
Feb 9, 2015
Alex Witte posted a discussion
Hello, My APM is having issues connecting via radio. It gives the error "No heatbeat packets received". I have the most recent driver for the radio and the mission planner. I am new to this and just trying to get everything connected and 'talking'…
Feb 8, 2015
Alex Witte posted a discussion
Hello all!I have experience with fixed-wing RC planes, but zero experience with making them autonomous in any way. I have accumulated an APM 2.5, air speed sensor, and the transceivers.  I hope to make the aircraft be able to stabilize itself,…
Dec 18, 2014