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APM 2.0 no longer powered from output rail.

Everything used to work fine, but suddenly the APM does not longer get powered by the ESCs on the output rail.

If I connect power to the input rail or USB the APM still works (but shuts down once I disconnect the USB cable). Any guesses at what compon

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Xbee Issues

I'm sorry this is going to be a rant with few specifics about the my Xbee issues. The new 3DR radio is on order but it would be lovely if the $$$ Xbee investment would actually be worth it too. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

When I first got th

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ESC arming issue (Turnigy Plush 40)

Received my purple yesterday, just in time for Xmas ;)   Connected it all to my quad and it all seems to work (radio input, sensors, xbee).

What I can't get to work right now is the arming of the ESCs. I can arm the APM and verified outputs 1-4 with a

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Auto mode questions

I have completed a few ArduPilot test flights but have some questions about how the auto / waypoint mode works.

Lets assume I uploaded a program with 4 way points.

1) Once the program is complete the plane seems to loiter over home. So far I managed to

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MavLink not working when GPS is connected

My udrones ArduCopter arrived today. There seems to be something wrong with my board. The MavLink connection only works if I don't connect the GPS. CLI mode seems to be OK as I can see sensor vales from the test options.

I have a friend with a worki

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