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Andrew replied to Andrew's discussion APM2.8 not working
"The flight controller is a arducopter clone from eBay with 3.2.1 firmware

I've flown quite a few times with it until I checked it last night
and now have these problems.

USB power to the module is fine just lipo the volts are dropping.

Nov 5, 2016
Andrew posted a discussion
When I plug in a USB to mission planner my flight controller is functioning fine, but when I disconnect and just run from the lipo the voltage goes down to 3Vdc.I have checked the power module and I am getting 5Vdc output from it.All the rails have…
Nov 5, 2016
Andrew posted a discussion
What I am trying to do is use channel 8on APM to activate a electronic switch.I have verified it is working by using Channel10 and can see it operating, but when I assignChannel 8 it does not work at all.I have put CH8 Opt to Relay On/off and…
Nov 1, 2016
Andrew commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post jDrones News: jD-IOBoard v1.0
"Is this board supported? All i get is errors when loading anything to it.
I can talk to it on the configurator and thats about it, anything i load via arduino just comes up as errors every time."
Sep 26, 2016
Andrew posted a discussion
Puchased a JD Drones IO Board as i would like to fire up some LED's from the APM2.8 ControllerHas anyone any code or can give any assistance with this as their is not much outthere for setting this up correctly.I can read and write to it from the…
Sep 24, 2016