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I am a cofounder of dronelife.com. We want to help bring UAS technology into the mainstream by encouraging conversation, educating the uninitiated and helping everyone & anyone find the drone that is right for them.



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Andrew posted a blog post
That which we call a drone…On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal ran a story called “Why Some Drone Makers Hate the Word ‘Drone.'” It’s a well-written piece that outlines why opponents of the term don’t like it and ends with an appropriate assessment…
Oct 16, 2014
Andrew posted a blog post
The drones are coming. If you don't already know someone who owns one, you soon will. Drones are an extremely accessible technology that can be as practical as they are fun.But, with few exceptions, they are more tool than toy. As such, they should…
Aug 11, 2014
Andrew posted a blog post
When Jeff Bezos appeared on 60 Minutes and showed the world the Amazon Prime Air drone delivery system, a lot of skeptics called it a publicity stunt and said such technology was a very long way off, if it ever materialized at all. It seemed like…
Jul 17, 2014