Johnson City, TN

About Me:

I'm a high school student aspiring to dual major in mathematics and physics. I enjoy programming, electro house music, and of course, robotics.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I've been involved in a robotics project with two other partners. In the term Unmanned Aircraft System, my first partner programs the flight patterns and stabilization techniques (Unmanned) while my second partner builds, maintains, and navigates the model plane (Aircraft). I primarily focus on interfacing all electronics into organized C libraries for my first partner to use (System).

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Andrew Belt posted a discussion
Hello DIY Drones community! As mentioned on my profile, I am a high school student beginning a UAV project with a couple partners. We have experience with robotic electronics, C, and RC planes, but we're all new to autonomous planes. We've decided…
Oct 21, 2010