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Flying throught forests, fast. Imagine the moon of Endor.

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Andy Barry posted a discussion
Hi all,I'm a graduate student at MIT working on autonomous obstacle avoidance using stereo vision on fixed wing platforms.  I use a (heavily firmware modified) APM 2.5 as a low level controller, so I've learned a ton from everyone here.Wanted to…
Nov 2, 2015
Andy Barry replied to Andy Barry's discussion Code for using the Ardupilot with an onboard computer / USB connection
"Update: I put all of my new code in the "arduread" branch here: https://github.com/andybarry/ardupilot/tree/arduread

It would need some cleanup to get merged into the main branch, which I'm happy to do if there's interest."
Apr 16, 2013
Andy Barry posted a discussion
Hi All,I've been working on a system for running an APM 2.5 as a sensor and I/O board for a plane with another on-board computer.  I couldn't find existing code for this (although perhaps it does exist and I missed it), so I built my own.This is…
Apr 9, 2013