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Andy Middleton posted a discussion
HiI am running a pixhawk with copter 3.3.3 which seems to have been working ok. However today whilst doing a few tests outside I have been getting pre-arm GPS errors. I have had both GPS speed and horiz errors but mainly speed. Occasionally I can…
Apr 16, 2016
Andy Middleton replied to Randy's discussion Pixhawk 1MB flash limit
"Would it be possible for someone with the required soldering ability to swap out the chip for a later revision or do the chips need to be pre-programmed in some way."
Feb 15, 2016
Andy Middleton posted a discussion
Has the bug with swapping channels 1-4 using RCmap and the channel attributes not getting swapped been fixed in 3.3.2 or do you still need to use the workaround and manually swap the channel attributes for the affected channels.
Jan 10, 2016
Andy Middleton posted a discussion
HII have a pixhawk (currently on 3.2.1) with a 3DR radio on telem1 and a minimOSD on telem2. I am looking for recommendations as to what the parameter settings SR0,SR1,SR2 etc would be best/recommended  for this setup.ThanksAndy.
Jan 2, 2016