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Math and code. From low level and embedded, to highload and enterprise scale. PDP-11 & ZX Specturm asm to Erlang, OCaml and Clojure.

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Multicopters, Parkflyers, FPV, much yet to discover


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Anton Stuk replied to Anton Stuk's discussion APM 2.0 MTK GPS Noisy readings
"I see what in the mean time original developer just made a changes to the not yet released version (2.7.3 perhaps) which will help with (/ hide) this particular issue in question."
Aug 14, 2012
Anton Stuk posted a discussion
Hi,in the last few test flights I noticed strange quadcopter behavior in gps-dependant modes (loiter, position hold, rtl). after brief investigation the problem was found - turns out gps output became very noisy compared to the previously logged…
Aug 9, 2012