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Just getting started, gathering information so far.

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Blake replied to Blake's discussion When receiver connected to input pins, leds change and apm gets very confused
"Oops, I think I may have (somewhat) figured this out. I was trying to calibrate my radio for the first time, which was hit and miss because depending on the timing of things, the mission planner wouldn't show any radio input. Once I successfully…"
Dec 9, 2012
Blake posted a discussion
Hi,I bought the 3dr arducopter quad kit a few weeks ago, and I have been putting it together. I have a bit of a problem now with the apm 2.5 and my receiver. Here is the scenario:- USB connected- Nothing connected on the output pins, or the other…
Dec 9, 2012
Blake posted a discussion
Hello!I'm interested in getting a quad copter type uav, and have a few basic questions before deciding how to start. I think I'd like to get a kit (like the one here at store.diydrones), and build it myself, as it will be more rewarding than buying…
Nov 15, 2012