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Perspective. Altitude dramatically extends the horizon. For instance, one can walk along a river bank and take water samples at defined intervals, or you can fly a spectrometer over a whole valley.



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Blake Morgan commented on Simon D. Levy's blog post The Extended Kalman Filter: An Interactive Tutorial
"Very cool. And the interactive parts really drive home how the different variables fit together in an intuitive way. In the few minutes it took me to read your clear tutorial I went from "read something about that on the 'drones discuss' forum,…"
Dec 5, 2014
Blake Morgan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Kickstarter for tornado-measuring drones
"As much as I love the idea of using drones for data collection of weather events like this, the proposed airframe doesn't stand a chance in supercell. I'm a Kansas City resident, and I'm too familiar the effects of supercells, and their proposed…"
Nov 2, 2014