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Bob Dahlstrom commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Painting buildings with drones
"Hi Scott W., Gary McCray and Matt... check out the video of the Proof of Concept | Autonomous Spray Painting Drone on the Apellix YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_CRP2wtEdw&t=4s It shows a fully autonomous spray painting drone…"
Nov 29, 2016
Bob Dahlstrom commented on Bob Dahlstrom's blog post Beyond the Delivery Drone - Revolutionary robotics keeping workers out of harm’s way
"Hello Silvo - my e-mail to silvio@voltaroots.com was returned saying the address is invalid. Please visit www.Apellix.com and fill out the contact us form there and I will be in contact. Best Wishes. Bob"
Apr 1, 2016
Bob Dahlstrom posted a blog post
Apellix utilizes large lift capacity drones attached to a base station with an umbilical cord and tether systemIn the United States alone, 95 climbers working on industrial towers died between 2004 and 2012. Worker safety is a concern across…
Mar 30, 2016