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Software developer as profession, curious by nature.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I've always been interested in electronics but was a bit too scared to start. Building a quadcopter has peaked my curiousity enough to take the plunge and get aquinted with the wonderfull world of electronics.. and the awesome world of quadcopters.



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BossEd replied to BossEd's discussion Advice on first quadcopter: Will this fly? (researched)
"Hi guys,

Thanks for the detailed replies!
Getting a complete kit to me kind of feels like cheating, i want to know WHY it flies (or not) and experiment with it, i want to feel that i actually understand it.. making mistakes is part of the learning.…"
Oct 25, 2013
BossEd posted a discussion
Hi everyone,For the people not interested in reading my entire story but who are inclined to answer a few quick questions, these are the questions the story will end with (based on the wishlist down below):Is the engine / propeller / 4cell battery…
Oct 24, 2013