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BrownViper1966 posted a discussion
Hi,I fried the power regulator in my Boscam RX LCD 5802 5.8GHz LCD Diversity Receiver 7 Inch Monitordoes anyone know what is the replacement part number.see attached photomuch appreciated20150804_092535[1].jpg
Aug 4, 2015
BrownViper1966 replied to BrownViper1966's discussion Motor spins after correct radio and ESCs Calibrations
"Thanks folks setting the MOT_SPIN_ARMED to zero seem to do the trick.

will setting this have any impact on other setup procedures. i.e. flight modes, or safety?"
Jul 27, 2015
BrownViper1966 posted a discussion
Hi Folks,I calibrated my radio in Mission Planner, followed by the steps to calibrate my 6 ESC all at once via the Pixhawk. At the end of the calibration procedure and before disconnecting the battery, if I give throttle the motors spins together,…
Jul 21, 2015
BrownViper1966 posted a discussion
Hi Guys,my pixhawk never left the ground. and I dont seem to be able to arm it.my compass calibration is always high i.e. 176, 230, 980. hence, two flashing yellow lights.I tried to follow all the youtube videos with no success.Any help would be…
Jun 16, 2015