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Charles replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion APM:Plane 2.74 released

Regarding your HIL problems...this sounds very similar to the issue I noted much earlier in this forum (see page 2).  For me, every firmware after 2.68 has had this same problem where the MP HUD starts to deviate from FG and eventually the…"
Jul 23, 2013
Charles replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion APM:Plane 2.74 released
"Thanks for all the hard work...looks like some good changes and I'm excited to get out and fly it!  Is there any word on getting HIL back up-and-running?  Please correct me if I'm wrong but the last version with working HIL capability is 2.68,…"
Jul 15, 2013
Charles replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.73 released
"Hi...I've been trying to fly 2.73 (on an APM 2.5) using Hardware in the Loop with Flightgear.  Everything connects and starts up just fine.  Manual and stabilize also work well.  However, when I switch to auto mode I get a minute or two of stable…"
Jul 2, 2013
Charles replied to Crashpilot1000's discussion SOLVED - How can i flash the MTK 3329 GPS on my apm 2.0 ??
"Hi...I've run into an interesting problem...this might not be the correct thread for this but it's a starting point.

I have an APM 2.0 with attached MTK GPS unit.  I just successfully updated the firmware with guidance from this thread (BTW much…"
Jan 21, 2013
Charles replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.8 / 2.8.1 released
"Hi...I just updated my quad w/ APM 2.0 to the new 2.8.1 firmware.  I used DaveC's tuning guide and got the gains dialed in really well in the backyard.  When I powered off to replace the battery, I found that it reset most of the gains back to…"
Dec 1, 2012
Charles commented on Andrew Fernie's blog post Extracting data from tlog files for plotting in Excel
"Andrew (and Daniel)...I encountered the same problem.  Packets were visible in the left hand box, but no option to expand them or add to the right hand box.  I got the program to work by generating the text file in an older version of APM Planner…"
May 19, 2012