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3DR Y6 - Spinning in place! Help!

3DR Y6 frame

APM 2.5 w/ uBlox NEO-6M GPS

RCManChild 30A SimonK ESC's

SunnySky Angel A2212-980KV Motors

9x4.7 GemFan props (10" and 11" in the mail)

A buddy and I just finished up his 3DR Y6 build and we've hit a massive roadblock that we can't seem to ove

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Arducopter wiki/documentation

I discovered multi-rotors about 2 months ago and the whole world behind the ArduPilotMega about a month ago. 

I've built my own Flamewheel F450 based multirotor that flys alright based on what i've learned here and I'm happy with it. 

Then again, I sta

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