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Need help with DIY high alt glider

Hello againI'm trying to make a UAV that will go to about 30Km high with the aid of a weather/sounding balloon. After the balloon pops/ gets relised I want the UAV to parachute down taking pictures as it goes then at around 20,000 feet for ether a glider to open out on top, or a ram parachute to open up to help fly the UAV back. The only problem is that I have found very little help on the net on which is better or how to make them for a UAV that weights about 1.5kgAny help with ether how to make a powered parachute or powered glider would be very much appreciated.Thanks for all the help with the tracking of it by the way.I've decided to chance to a fixed wing aircraft (powered glider maybe?) due to the high speed at which it will be traveling. Dose anyone have any ideas on what materials are a good choice for the wings as during the descent they will experience high g-force. I was thinking about foam maybe but not to sure as I don’t have any experience at designing and building foam models. I am planning on doing a lot of testing between now and Christmas with different airframes if I can build a strong yet light enough model. (Less then 1.5kg.)Dose anyone know if it would be possible to get ardupilot to relies itself from the balloon at between 60,000 to 80,000 feet and follow waypoints back to base camp. And is it possible to use an xbee-pro with ardupilot to control the UAV whiles in flight? Or can you update ardupilots waypoints using xbee while the UAV is in flight?
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Need help tracking UAV/ powered parachute

Hello i have read about a project that some students have done and i am trying to recreate it. I want to launch a weather balloon with a uav attached to it so that it will go to about 100000ft take some pic's then return home the only problem is i don't know the best way to track it. Can anyone help please???I just had an idea for recovery and was wondering if it is possible to make a powered parachute out of a 1.8 m Dual Line Stunt Parachute Parafoil Sport Kite? or any other ideas just thought it would kill 2 birds with one stone, slow down desent of craft and help fly back to launch site.
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