Provo, UT

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I work as a research assistant in a lab that develops UAV's.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm interested in VTOL UAV's and regular fixed wing.

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Dallin Briggs replied to Dallin Briggs's discussion V-tail and flaperon mixing
"Okay, I guess I'll reply to my own post to help the community. In short, as of the date of this post, to my knowledge there is no V-tail or flaperon mixing for fixed wing aircraft in the PX4 firmware. Both V-tail and flaperon mixing are available in…"
Dec 14, 2014
Dallin Briggs posted a discussion
So I know that the old APM code used to support v-tail and flaperon mixing. I've been searching all over the place to see if there is a mixer available for the pixhawk. Does anybody know about one?
Dec 3, 2014
Dallin Briggs replied to Wesley Chase's discussion Multi drone communication
"I'm wondering the exact same thing. I know Qgroundcontrol supports multi-agent planning, but mission planner doesn't. As far as communications, would it be possible to have two 3dr radios, one operating on each available frequency, to communicate to…"
Apr 11, 2014
Dallin Briggs commented on Brandon Basso's blog post SpaceX Grasshopper 744m test
"In the interests of answering the question at hand and not caring at all about this grudge match that is going on, are we in agreement that this is the DJI S800? Or is it the S800 Evo? What ever it is, I'm going to buy one because it is awesome."
Oct 17, 2013
Dallin Briggs posted a discussion
Okay guys and girls, this problem has me stumped and I can't figure what's causing it. The Problem: The quadcopter will suddenly receive a sharp pitch or roll command from the autopilot in all different modes, even when hovering in stabilize mode. I…
Apr 6, 2013