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Hawaii Drone Article


Just wanted to share this article.


I was contacted and asked some questions about drones. None of my answers were used. I guess the article could have been worse... But I just love how the general public assumes all drones are out to get them or that Predator UAVs don't have pilots in command of them...the list goes on.

There are some very legitimate privacy and safety issues of course...but a boyfriend using a uav to spy on his ex girlfriend?....arrrg.

It is just frustrating when UAVs have such great potential to do good, and many DIYdrones members are doing some incredible projects for the greater good, and then the news mostly reports on all of the far fetched negative aspects.

Anyways, I just wanted to share with the community and I hope future contacts with the media can really highlight all of the benefits of UAVs without succumbing to the "every drone is trying to spy on me" mentality. 

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