New York, NY

About Me:

I'm here to learn and be part of the community. I like comms (PTT), Military games on Xbox and PlayStation (Battlefield 4 and 2042, Ghost Recon Wildlands & BreakPoint and - The Division by Tom Clancy. In these games are drones, remote control cars, planes, servers, computers, jammers, viruses, bioreactors autonomous high technologies and DARPA related war machines. EW (ELECTRONIC WARFARE).

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I've always been attracted to robotics, spaceships and things that fly. I'm interested in high technology. Mostly anything remote control. I'm still new to FPV. I own a few drones. I found out about diydrones in a book (Build a drone, Barry Davis, Bem) I purchased from Amazon. I'd like to meet someone like minded like him.



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