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In the agricultural drone industry, plug-in model is becoming more and more popular.

Which has large capacity and heavy loads, and can quickly switch between spraying and spreading, making agricultural production more efficient.
The initial investment of purchasing a drone may be high for farmers,but with the popularization of technology, assembly and localized drones are becoming more and more cost-effective.
Farmers can collectively purchase shared use through farm cooperatives or lease spraying services. And agricultural drones also provide freelance jobs for technical young people to become pilots to provide spraying and seeding services for farms

Would you like to have this new skill in agricultural drone operation ? Take EFT's G630 as an example to show you how to assemble, debug, and fly the drone.

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Do agricultural drones really work? How to use drones to help farmers increase crop output and improve production efficiency has attracted more and more attention.10792480658?profile=RESIZE_710xLet's take a look at the data comparison between agricultural spraying drones, traditional spraying and large machinery through video.




Agricultural drones are only suitable for small and medium-sized farms due to their limited load (currently the largest electric drone max take 40KG, and the hybrid gasoline-electric drone can reach 50KG), short flight time, and need to be equipped with a mobile charger.That's its disadvantage, and what keeps people from buying it

However, agricultural drones can be used for spraying, sowing and fertilizing in mountainous and sloping fields without terrain restrictions, which greatly reduces the hard work of farmers.

More importantly, agricultural drones can be set up remotely, operate autonomously, and spray accurately and efficiently. Equipped with only analysis software, it can also monitor the monitoring status of crops and help improve yields. In terms of price and intelligence, the large agricultural machinery can not compare with it .

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