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Ed Herman posted a discussion
If you're unfamiliar with drones (or even unfamiliar), reading all the words in the industry and expecting to fully understand it can be daunting. That's why we are here to help with the Drone Vocabulary Guide! The goal is to make sure you…
Jan 16, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" January 14 issue published a report entitled "The Government intends to strengthen the domestic drone company's assistance policy", said that small drones are being widely used in cargo transportation and other industries,…
Jan 15, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
Tethered drone Another function of this tether is data fiber optic cable. When natural disasters occur, communication physical facilities such as base stations are often damaged. The complete restoration takes time. The payload of a tethered drone…
Jan 14, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
If you want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of China and foreign civilian drones, China can be said to be the only country that has developed drones in a serious direction. There are several major development directions abroad: military,…
Jan 9, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
On January 8, the first snowfall of 2020 fell in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. The State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Company then organized employees to conduct special post-snow inspections of the 220 kV Fort Sand Line using drones. It is worth mentioning that the…
Jan 8, 2020
Ed Herman replied to Ed Herman's discussion Hyperspectral drone detects water pollution
"That's certainly true. It happened in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, China.
Darrell Burkey said:
Pictures or it didn't happen."
Jan 8, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
Recently, China Mobile and Huawei completed the world's first unmanned aerial vehicle 5G high-altitude base station emergency communication test. The high-altitude drone base station has a coverage of more than 6.5KM when flying at 200m…
Jan 7, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
On the morning of January 3, it was the day of a monthly "physical examination" for the river surge in the section of the Banfu Bridge. An unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with hyperspectral equipment flew over the river surface, and the water…
Jan 6, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
The State-owned Jiangsu Province Electric Power Co., Ltd. independently developed the "Internet Inter-Sky Eagle" transmission line mobile UAV intelligent inspection and inspection equipment was officially delivered in Nanjing. Since then, Jiangsu…
Jan 5, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
Zumiao Street, Chancheng District, Foshan, responded to the illegal construction around the Guangmao Railway by starting drones to monitor the buildings along the railways under the jurisdiction of the streets. It only patrolled 10 kilometers in 3…
Jan 3, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
At present, drones are more and more integrated into daily production and life, and the scope of application has been widely expanded, becoming high-tech equipment with full affinity. Industrial-grade drones have been used in many fields such as…
Jan 1, 2020
Ed Herman posted a discussion
Basic articles 1. What is a drone? UAV is the abbreviation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It is an unmanned aircraft using radio remote control equipment and its own program control device, including unmanned helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft,…
Dec 30, 2019
Ed Herman posted a discussion
In recent years, with the development and application of the geographic information industry, remote sensing, as the front end of the geographic information industry, has also received much attention. Traditional geospatial data acquisition methods…
Dec 26, 2019
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Dec 23, 2019
Ed Herman posted a discussion
According to a recent report by the Financial Times of the United Kingdom, the global commercial drone market is expected to grow from US $ 4 billion to US $ 40 billion in the next five years. From the perspective of global market development, the…
Dec 20, 2019
Ed Herman posted a discussion
The collapse of a bridge is a sudden event that happens from time to time and it has a huge impact on our society. For many reasons, poor maintenance is the main cause of many collapsed bridges. In addition, there are cases of bridge aging. To…
Dec 19, 2019