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E300 F450

Hi community,
I Just bought the E300 Kit ( 4 motors and 4 ESC's) but in the specification says that the ESC provides 15 Amps and in internet i found the specifications of the motors and the current that it needs is Standard Current : 15-25A Max Curre

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Battery balancer Lipo

Hi Community,

 I want to buy  a battery balancer to storage my Lipo with the right voltage. Currently i use a 2 and a 3s Lipo battery

Any recommendations? My priority is cheap but any recommendation is good.


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FS-T6 Quadcopter APM2.6

Hi community, i just bought a FS-T6 but i'm lost when it comes to connect the receiver to the APM2.6.

Has anyone already done it, that could help me and get me in the right direction.

The FS-T6 came with a small cd, what does that contain?

Thank you all

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F450 Quadcopter Baterry

Hi Everyone, i´m new in building Quadcopters, just last week i ordered all that i need to build my first one and today found out that i ordered the wrong battery (i think).

Lipo 2 cell 7.4v 2650mAh nanotech Turnigy, instead of a 3 cell.

Can i power (fl

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