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Types of ERP enterprise resource management systems
https://firstbit.ae/products/erp-dubai/vat/We have already talked about this above, now we propose to stop a little more.
Classification is usually carried out according to several parameters at once. If you take them into account, then choosing the most suitable program will become quite simple.If we consider them by type of organization, then there are the following.
Public. All or most users have access to the general part of the functionality, but the data of a particular company will be available only to its employees.
Private The software is completely isolated, able to change for current tasks.
Hybrid. Combines the two previous options.

When considering storage.
Cloud. All databases will be stored on special external services, they can be viewed from anywhere.
Internal. All information is located on a specific server, it is not copied anywhere from there.
What the user interface might look like.
Stationary or desktop. That is, the software will be connected to the databases, installed on a PC. It works autonomously, it does not need the Internet, only internal programs.
Browser or those that function online. Access to them appears when you go online through the employee's personal account.

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