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G.S. D.P. replied to James masterman's discussion MinimOSD and PAL
"Hi, i have consumed many hours searching for the same problem... But fortunately i have ALWAYS OSD , but FLICKERING when using 700TVL camera... tested both signals on oscilloscope, seeing slight difference in frequencies (maybe PAL N/M as stated…"
Jan 18, 2014
G.S. D.P. posted a discussion
Hi to all... after upgrading to 1.2.63 noticed some parameters didn't show (alt... etc, using MegaPirateNG).. so decided to go back to 1.2.46 ... after that i cannot anymore see Google Satellite... bing and yahoo work fine...Maps work again if i…
Jul 30, 2013
G.S. D.P. replied to G.S. D.P.'s discussion Mission planner over HK bluetooth..
"After receiving 3DR all is ok now :) .. BUT i also noticed this delay (this time automatic) when trying to connect to the 3DR module.. it takes at least 10 seconds and after this starting establishing the connection... probably on bluetooth case a…"
Jun 12, 2013
G.S. D.P. posted a discussion
Hi to all... Had my multiwii pro board running multiwii and connected to pc over HK bluetooth module (HB01). After going to megapirateng couldn't make bluetooth work in ANY way!!.. tried for hours changing ports, settings etc.. until i found…
May 31, 2013