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WP upload

A question about WP read writes.

How does it works?

Like i have made my flight plan, added my WPs than pushed disconnect. (connected directly trough BT)

But it did not take.



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Pre flight calibration

Sure Kevin, :)

The thing i meant is the sensor warming up problem.

It is related to a design flow of the hardware. (It should measure external temp, not "internal")

Like the barometric sensor is located on the main board, it heats up wit APM a bit.

But a

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Adding extra functions to MinimOSD

I have started to add functions to MinimOsd code.

At first i did it for myself only. Added many functions i thought i need. Then opened this thread.

after a while, Pedro and later Miguel came, and things started to happen fast. :D

They have optimised th

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Could it be PPM encoder problem?

It happened to me twice that i had failsafe, and APM1 did not react. My pan tilt did go to center, so the receiver did work well. (It is a Futaba Futaba R149DP)

This is very confusing. Sooner or later i will lose my beautiful plane this way for sure.

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Unstable throttle

I was flying today, and my throttle did not react as it should.

Like i set throttle to 100%, than it suddenly went back to 20%.

It happened many times today.

Do you know why? :(

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APM1 current draw and powering

I have a very inaccurate ammeter. It did show that my APM1 is using more than 500ma!
GPS, magnetometer, airspeed sensor, and Minim OSD was connected.
I have found this impossible, as manual states that there is a 500ma fuse inside of APM1.

Some people a

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