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Control of pitch during a waypoint mission?

I have flown many mission using ROIs with the mount set to "GPS point" to control the yaw and pitch to lock on to a ROI between waypoints.

I have also flown with the mount set to "RC targeting" to set the gimbal pitch while flying along the path.

Is th

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One motor starting more slowly?

I have one motor that starts more slowly than the others when arming.  The motors spools up fine with a little more throttle and the quad flies just fine.  But it nags at me that something is wrong that could result in it quitting midair.

I have 4006

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Drift mode braking?

My quad running in Drift flight mode stops too quickly and pitches back what appears to be close to 45 degrees.

Does the PosHold braking rate and angle modify the braking in Drift mode?

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Problem zooming in on Flight Planner Screen

I am running into problems zooming in to the closer levels using Google Earth maps. 

The Google Earth program works fine on this laptop with Wifi connection every time. But most of the time I can't zoom in to the more detailed levels above 12 or so In

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Using two computers?

If I set up my Pixhawk quad on the desktop and then go to the field with a laptop how does one sync the necessary files and parameters?

Are they stored in the Pixhawk or on the computers or both?

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