Mahwah, NJ

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Engineer, Software. MS in Computer Science, avid robotics builder.

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Large scale drones, ground based, for remote sentry work. Have built a 350lbs skid-steer drone.


Mahwah, NJ

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Gregory Brill replied to Ben Boughton's discussion Gregory Brill's 6x6 Large Tank Drone Platform Information in ArduRover User Group
"Ok, you wanted some angle pictures and other info...

1) The motors are Sepex DC motors made by D&D motor systems - www.ddmotorsystems.com 2) The motor reduction is done through chains and sprockets with an overall ratio of 16:1 Here are some pics,…"
Mar 26, 2013
Gregory Brill left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"Is there a way to donate to the project and/or accelerate the development of certain features/additions to MP and APM by providing resources for them to get done?  There are features and documentation I think would be awesomely helpful to have…"
Mar 7, 2013
Gregory Brill left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"That sabertooth looks great....I could probably engineer around that.  60A ought to be enough.  Would have made my life a lot simpler...wish I'd known about it earlier!   But glad I know about it now, thank you for pointing that out.  Too late on…"
Mar 5, 2013
Gregory Brill left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"Looking for advice on best approach for steering via APM 2.5 a very large, skid-steer ground rover (350lbs). 6x6 tank platform, basically.  Meant to carry 500lbs of gear deep into rugged terrain.

This class of drone can't use a wildthumper or such,…"
Mar 5, 2013
Gregory Brill posted a discussion
I have a very large drone platform, I intend it for rugged remote sentry work (like patrolling pipelines).  Picture uploaded.  It is tank-skid steer and amazingly agile, carries 500lbs.  It is about 6ft by 4ft, and meant to carry heavy…
Mar 5, 2013