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purely for fun. lots and lots of fun. and if we can get paid for it, all the better.


Helena, mt

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Gregory Heide commented on CSG's blog post 433MHz Super Long Distance FHSS LoRa Wireless data modem with USB UART 5+ km range
"ISM is 

902 to 928 MHz
2.400 to 2.4835 GHz
5.725 to 5.875 GHz

Frequencies listed are in the Amateur Radio 70cm band, so where's the FCC part 15 registration?"
Mar 20, 2016
Gregory Heide commented on Kristaps Brass's blog post Providing ATC visibility of a DJI A2 drone using a BeagleBone and Sagetech XPS-TR transponder
"I have been looking into ADS-b, but weight has been the issue. Why can't the ads-b transponder be ground based and the GCS via telemetry either broadcasts a fixed position or the GPS coordinates from the vehicle? Bigger antenna, and no extraneous…"
Jan 18, 2016
Gregory Heide commented on Brendan Jacobs's blog post Task Force to Propose Free Registration for All Drones Over 9 Ounces
"I already do this - it's called my AMA number.  It's on a printed sticker that goes on all my vehicles.  It has my phone number too, and a reward if found. How is making this mandatory solving anything?  Like I've mentioned in my FAA comments, it…"
Nov 6, 2015