About Me:

I am an old RC model plane fan and now interested in building an autonomous flying platform

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have a hex with a camera on it and i want to be able to take pictures without warring about controlling the hex flight.



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Horatiu Vulcan replied to Horatiu Vulcan's discussion Can't program waypoints with toggle switch in manual mode
"I have made the update to ArduRover 2.50 now, (i have a large rover, actually a small ATV with a 50cc gas engine) and i am in "learning mode" confirmed by Mission Planer but switching the toggle switch on CH 7 does nothing, i can see in calibrating…"
Aug 23, 2015
Horatiu Vulcan posted a discussion
Where am i doing wrong when trying to program waypoints with the remote control (with the CH7 toggle switch) during a manual run because i have the confirmation on MP that the toggle switch is working but actually nothing is happening no…
Jun 6, 2015