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Failsafe GCS parameter bugged

Hello again,


Testing the failsafe setup of latest beta Ardurover firmware, the following parameter remains without effect, and failsafe triggers whatever its value 0 or 1. I would like to deactivate a failsafe on telemetry loss but impossible, it's l

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Readiness for 3.0 ? (APM2.5 OCTO QUAD)


I just finished my conversion from quad to OCTO quad. I installed 10" 4,7 props on top and 11" 4,7 props on bottom. I get a hover at full lbattery at 55% throttle for an AUW of 3.9 Kg (almost 8 pounds).

Among which 2 4S 4500 batteries (almost 1K

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Quadcopter X8 configuration


I am going to convert my standard quad to a X8 configuration.

Are there any particular points I should take into account about either mechanical or electrical setup ?

I intend to use smaller props on top and larger ones on the bottom as it appears f

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