Arlington, TX

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I like arducopter stuff. Also like to fly model planes.


Arlington, TX

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James A. posted a discussion
Hi all,I got a Pixhawk clone and set it all up for my quad.  However, I'm getting a "Bad GPS Health" warning, and I don't know what it means or why it's triggered.  I think it's a difference message than "GPS: No Fix".  Does "bad health" mean that…
Aug 10, 2015
James A. posted a discussion
Hi all,I have a Pixhawk and an external GPS/compass on my quadcopter.  I believe the Pixhawk is using the latest firmware (I updated it a couple days ago).  The GPS/compass is not a 3DR-branded one.  Anyway, I go through the calibration in MP,…
Jul 28, 2015