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building my first Quadcopter



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James McGuire posted a discussion
I've been all over the web and only find bits and pieces,I'm trying to find how to make a  power distribution quad harness to connect the battery to the esc,and to the controller.and photos,how to's etc.
Mar 29, 2014
James McGuire posted a discussion
I'm looking for a suitable fixed wing uav for fvp and ground photo work.work. I've looked at a few but the all have problems.I like theRQ11 Raven: no landing gear or spare parts.PROJET-DRONE: not sure how it would do on landing on gravel/grassy…
Mar 25, 2014
James McGuire replied to Jake Bayless's discussion Octo-X, bicycle wheel design #2.
"I've been running the thought of the Y in my head and saw yours.what size rim did you use?where did you get it?did you cut it in 1/3?or what are the rim spans cut to cut?"
Mar 23, 2014