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Just a simple man who like to play drone when ever have free time at home

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Quadropcopter drones



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JamesWill replied to Derrick D Threatt's discussion If you pre-ordered a Lily DRONE you will get your money back!
"the first impression when i see the logo of lily, it is always remind me of Eva, the smile of Eva (Walle films) Sad to hear, the company discontinue the products, hope somebody will take over the company."
Jan 15, 2017
JamesWill replied to Roberto Lombardo's discussion KeelCrab underwater drone
"At first, i thought. it is going to be dive in the water, and the claw will do the job ( i mean like searching for fish or something) by the way,it is a good innovation."
Jan 15, 2017
JamesWill replied to Diven Parker's discussion How to DIY a drone by yourself ?
"Wow that's a long explanation to give, i'm newbie also, so i can't give full brief, but i think for a great diy experience you need to invest to buy 3D printer, so as to print the drone parts. its around $200 something like that"
Jan 15, 2017
JamesWill replied to Ez's discussion Newbie would like to have a "follow me drone" record a few hours on a party
"I am about to suggest something and somebody already posted it... hover camera passport also a good products, it have "follow me" function, and you can tag it yourself and it follows you everywhere"
Jan 15, 2017
JamesWill replied to James's discussion My first action camera, sharing
"Hello James! Any update on this? Would like to know your experience. Share here please :) The link you shared had been removed"
Jan 11, 2017
JamesWill replied to elad orbach's discussion my diy ground control station
"Hello, elad, any update on this? Its been 3 years.. maybe we can see the final product, thanks again for complete explanation."
Jan 11, 2017
JamesWill replied to DUPRE 's discussion V frame motor configuration for Hexacopter
Jan 11, 2017