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RC delay to PWM output

Does anybody know why there is a ~100ms delay between receiving a RC command and when the motors begin to respond?

I put a logic analyzer on my RC channel 2, which is pitch, and on the PWM outputs of each of the 4 motors.  just to be clear, this is be

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Interrupts with flymaple HAL

I am developing my own flight controller board using the STM32f103RE, the same CPU that the flymaple board uses.

However, I am using an MPU6000 on SPI so I am using the AP_InertialSensor_MPU6000.cpp file. Monitoring the output using UART, everything l

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make command for flymaple

I am trying to use the make command to build APM 3.3 (or 3.2.1) for the flymaple board.

I have followed the instructions here, but when I attempt to make I can many errors about regarding "/bin/sh: -march=armv7-m: command not found'

A sample of my outp

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How to exit Follow Me mode

I have follow me mode working.  I get the copter in the air in loiter and then enable the mode through mission planner.

How do I leave this mode when I'm done?  I'd like it to return to loiter, but my flight mode switch is already in that position.  I

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Optical flow with APM 2.x

I purchased the ADNS 3080 and have connected it exactly as is shown in the setup guide.  I have flashed the test hex file, but all I see for output is zeros, both in the terminal and with the python script.

When the terminal first opens the test progr

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