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Jean-Louis PERSAT posted a discussion
Hi folks,I'm trying to improve my Mav2Leds project with the severity state. Until now I can manage my leds with flight modes without problem but I'm still having problem with prearm checks state. I've tried to use the STATUSTEXT to get the severity…
Apr 4, 2016
Jean-Louis PERSAT replied to Konstantin Romanov's discussion Cannot get STATUSTEXT messages consistently over mavlink
"I have same problem with my Mav2Leds project, I can't get the severity info to manage my leds when prearm errors occurs.
Found any solution ?"
Apr 2, 2016
Jean-Louis PERSAT commented on Hugues's blog post AirbotPower board used in an Octocopter (X8) build
"pricing ?"
Mar 9, 2016
Jean-Louis PERSAT posted a discussion
I've tried to change Loiter Speed using CH6 and it has no effect. I changed to WP Nav Speed and it works.
Nov 16, 2015
Jean-Louis PERSAT replied to Jean-Louis PERSAT's discussion Weird char in terminal
"Ok thank you Mike"
Nov 15, 2015
Jean-Louis PERSAT posted a discussion
On my Pixhawk Lite, I've enabled geofence several times, then write params but it remains disable after I replug usb cable and reconnect to Mission Planner
Nov 12, 2015
Jean-Louis PERSAT posted a discussion
Hi,Since fw 3.3 I've some problems with terminal. On my both Pixhawk and Pixhawk Lite controlers I have same problem of weird chars. I've tested all baudrate and no change.Any clue ?
Nov 9, 2015