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Freaky Phase angle on 450

My 450 has a wobble on the pitch axis, unless 42 degrees of H_PHANG is added. It appears as a rapid clockwise toiletbowl effect, which subsides as H_PHANG approaches 42 degrees. If H_PHANG exceeds 42 degrees, the toiletbowl effect reverses direction.

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Trad Heli FPV discussion

Hey all, here is a place to post details and info of your FPV setups, questions, vids etc.

My setup is as follows:

Trex 450 PRO frame stretched to 480

APM2.5 with UBLOX GPS and power module

Tarot DFC Split Lock head

MKS DS95A+ servos

Scorpion 2221-12 motor

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Questions from a noob (renamed)

Hello everyone, Im new around here but I hope one day I can contribute to trad heli :)

Ive been flying helis for around a year. Ive got a 450 stretch (480 with 6s and 350mm asym blades) which I'm working on for the last few weeks. Currently I run an M

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