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I am having an issue trying to connect Andropilot to my quad.   I have tower services running and Droid planner 3 aka Tower and it works great.  Andropilot keeps looking for vehicle?  Are different service drivers needed for Andropilot?  I tried this

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Power module smoked

Hey guys,  I am building a new Tri copter and was bench testing my copter and was having an issue with one of the motors not starting properly.  I thought i had an ESC issue so I was investigating the ESC and wiring.  I was applying throttle on the b

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75Mhz vs 2.5 Ghz?

I have some old RC 75Mhz radios and receivers that I want to use for my first quad.  My equipment is Futaba Skysport 6 and want to give it a try before investing in 2.5 gear.  Any of you guys using 75 MHZ gear for your quads?  Also I need help findin

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