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Jonathan Richey posted a discussion
I have had my DJI Phantom for about 3 weeks now and loved how easy it was to setup and fly. The best part was flying in GPS mode, I could just let go of the sticks and it would hover in place. Yesterday I decided to take some go pro pics of the…
Mar 9, 2014
Jonathan Richey replied to Dr. North's discussion Volunteer Opportunity for International NonProfit Drone Development Project
"I know its been almost a year but I am new to the community and just saw this posting.
Just curious as to how the consortium went and what were the results?"
Nov 17, 2013
Jonathan Richey replied to Kylie Hoffman's discussion National Geographic Shoot
"Hi Kylie, I know the due date is past, but did you ever find someone to help you out with this?
I know some friends who might be able to help for future projects.
Let me know!"
Nov 17, 2013
Jonathan Richey posted a discussion
Hi drone community,This is my first forum topic on diydrones.com.I am new to the drone community and am trying to learn more and more each day.I can envision hundreds of applications and opportunities for drones in the future. Most recently, I can…
Nov 17, 2013