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Using custom sensors?

Is there a way to utilize custom sensors that APM does not support?

Either directly or indirectly, I need a way to know what the health of a gas engine (temperature, RPM, etc).

Here are some possible ways I can think of.

1) Interface Arduino with Pixhaw

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Backup flight computers?

So suppose the primary flight computer, a Pixhawk fails, unless there is a parachute or a backup system, that plane is going down and it might not end well. So, is there any way to setup a system for a drone with a backup flight computer such that if

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Gas fuel managament with Pixhawk?

I know about the Gem Fuel Guardian some have referenced on this site but there is little info on it. It's not inside the APM help documents so I assume it has not yet been made to work officially. So at this point in time, is there any way to measure

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