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Computer Science/Criminal Justice Dual Major Student From New Jersey

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Just now getting into Autonomous and Microcontroller assisted RC Vehicles


New Jersey

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Jordan Fryar commented on Jordan Fryar's blog post Disconnect Motors During Setup!!!!! (WARNING: GRAPHIC!)
"Thanks everyone for the support! Today my hand feels much better, but I was instructed to not remove the gauze until later tonight.
After a couple of quick fixes, my quad is back up and flying on 2.0.42! Now time to get my ALT_HOLD tuned properly!…"
Sep 14, 2011
Jordan Fryar posted a blog post
Now let me start off with YES I have read the manual where they state millions of times disconnect the motors, or take off the props whenever you are making certain changes. I would consider myself well-versed with the entire APM, but I have chosen…
Sep 13, 2011