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Arducopter PID tunning howto video

Finally, someone has created a PID tunning howto video, from scratch to perfect stabilize flight, that I think will be very useful for the arducopter community, specially for those flying non stock frames.

The concepts are already in the AC2 PID tweaking guide developed by Jason, but a visual howto helps a lot!


The guide has been created by Menno (joebarteam), an active user of the megapirates community in rcgroups. Full credit to him, I'm just spreading his post.


First, acro mode tunning (which I always discard, but I'm realizing it is pretty relevant):

Second, stable mode tunning:


The full post with Menno comments is here.



If the arducopter developers think it is useful maybe it could be added to the wiki (with Menno permission obviously).

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