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My QuaXCopter Project.


Hi Everyone.

I've been working on my Quadrotor project for one year. My last attempt was not good enough to fly. The control board worked well, but... i had problem with the frame. The frame was not enough rigid to absorb the mechanical vibrations coming from the motors. So, the IMU reported inaccurate data. Knowing all these errors, i flew my Quadcopter just some centimeters above ground without success. 

Some months later, I decided to give the project another try, with new changes on the control board and definitely on the frame "the frame will be smaller".
Inspired by a Quadcopter frame made of Q10 material that I found in internet. The new design of the Quadcopter it will be of Q10. A good friend of mine will help me with on the QuadCopter frame.
Last weekend, I just finished my new Control Board. Powered by a ARM Microcontroller.
Hera are the Control Board Specifications:

  • Stellaris Cortex-M3 microcontroller (LM3S5749).
  • IMU sensor  9DOF sensor stick.
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth or RF, (Bluetooth module UART and NRF24L01 module SPI).
  • Temperature Sensor.
  • Sonar Sensor.
  • USB connection. 

I would like to show you some pics of the control board:

The rest of this month and the next one, I will work it on the firmware development. Once everything on the control board is working properly. I will post specifications, schematics and code. I will keep you informed.

Would accept any suggestion or recommendations.



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