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Throttle controls half backward

I had my hexacopter on the back burner as I put together some wooden arms together for it.

Anyway, I updated the Mission Planner software and reloaded the firmware onto the APM. I did the radio calibration and now my throttle is sort of backwards. Usi

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Wireless Video Setup

There have been a varying number of threads on this, but the information seems to have changed.

I'd like to set up a wireless video system. I'll probably forgo video for photography, but nevertheless I'd still like to see the CCD image on a laptop as

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Hexacopter Battery Suggestion

I'm looking to get a battery (or batteries) for a hexacopter. As the name implies it has 6 of these motors. So if I've calculated things out properly, and I'm just learning about this stuff now, the maximum current draw should be 120A plus whatever t

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Selecting a Radio System

I'm very new the RC world and I'm trying to pick a radio system for a hexacopter. The three wireless components I'll probably have are the RC controls, XBee telemetry, and a video downlink.

I'm thinking RC at 2.4Ghz, XBee at 900Mhz, and Video at some

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